Colorado Lifestyle & Business Growth Retreat

Colorado Lifestyle & Business Growth Retreat

Colorado Lifestyle & Business Growth Retreat

Catapult Your Business at the Jumpstart Your Lifestyle & Business Growth Mastermind Retreat in 2024!

This retreat is for Women Entrepreneurs who are serious about creating and enjoying your happiest life ever alongside a consistent moneymaking business doing what you love!

The group will be 8-10 highly motivated women entrepreneurs ready to take their business and LIFE to the next level and fast! If you’re seeking a transformational experience that delves deep into your growth as both an entrepreneur and an individual, then you want to attend for sure!

Your host is Katrina Sawa, who’s been hosting small group Masterminds and Retreats since 2009, on top of being a successful business coach since 2002. As the host and guide, the intention I have for our three days together is this…

💫 I’m committed to your Clarity
💫 I’m committed to to your Connection to each other – it’s why we meet in beautiful places and get ample time together.
💫 I’m committed to to Expanding your Knowledge, Understanding, Positioning, Reach, and ability to earn a LOT more money doing what you love.

Our primary focus during these retreats is to provide a safe and supportive space where we can address not only the practical aspects of growing your business but also the emotional and mindset barriers that might be holding you back.

We are gathered to help Problem solve! When everyone shows up fully, the problem you walk in with gets cracked open and you leave with a solution or something to work from, giving you an Unfair Advantage in your market!

You’ll experience masterminding, collaboration, training, hands-on support, and feedback on what you need to do, tweak, add or change in your business, marketing, your website, positioning, speaking, networking, your mindset, team and more so that you can FINALLY see BIG MONEY RESULTS as soon as possible and in the coming years too!

One key area we’ll be honing in on is the need to systematize, automate, and delegate more effectively. We believe that streamlining these processes can lead to greater efficiency and success in your business endeavors. I will guide you in creating personalized plans to achieve these objectives, ensuring you leave the retreat with actionable steps.

A second area we’ll be working with you on is developing more profitable income streams so you can have every opportunity to maximize your revenues each year, more and more, as you grow and scale. I will show you just how high you can price your services and as your confidence grows, you can continue elevating your worth.

Expect profound clarity and transformational breakthroughs during your time with us. As we collaborate and learn from one another, you’ll gain valuable insights and fresh perspectives that can revolutionize your approach to business and life.

It will change your life I can assure you. I’ve been a part of masterminds nearly all my entrepreneurial life – probably over 15 of them I’ve been a part of to the tune of $250,000!  But don’t let that number scare you off, this 3-day mastermind is a great way to “try out” being in one! There’s no long-term commitment, just come and experience it with us, get a lot of your “SHIT” done, uplevel your thinking, goals and skills… the one time investment for one mastermind retreat is a tiny drop in the bucket for what you’ll make once you start applying the new ideas and strategies you learn!

It’s been soooo worth it to me to invest in myself and my business in that way because I’ve been in 6-figures now since 2008 and multiple 6-figures shortly after that, almost every year increasing due to my continuous learning, investments and always upleveling my own skills.


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