Networking for Goddesses ✨ Social + Workshop

Networking for Goddesses ✨ Social + Workshop

Networking for Goddesses ✨ Social + Workshop

A networking social focused on wellness, connection, and resources for women in business.


Join us at Studio 11 Sacramento for a social dedicated to networking and connection. We’ll have AF Cocktails from The Teetotalist, snacks and shopping from women-owned businesses, and resources for local women in business. will be offering $25 headshots throughout the evening too!

7:30 – KEYNOTE TALK: Public Speaking for Goddesses with Katherine Cooper
suggested donation: $15

“A few years ago, I attended an event celebrating women in media. And as I watched each woman take the podium to address the room, I was shocked at what I witnessed. Even these brilliant, successful, powerful women struggled to assert themselves in command of the room, to speak with authority, or even confidence. I could hear an apology in every word they said. I immediately thought: these women need training. And I can help.

As women, we’re socialized to be as small, and invisible, and quiet as possible. The inevitable internalization of these ideas is damaging, not just psychologically, but financially and even physically. I say: let’s disrupt all of it! I want women to speak our minds and truths. I want women to take up space, unapologetically, and fall in love with ourselves. Let’s chase big dreams, and create meaningful change. Let’s face our fears, together. And let’s start with glossophobia – fear of public speaking.”

Enter through the 57th Street Antique Mall.
Follow the parking lot straight back and turn right, following the arrows.
When you see Aquila Fitness, turn right into the parking lot around the back of the building.
Studio 11 is at the end of the lot!

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