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Food & Dining

Reneta Jenik the the founder and CEO Foodom, everyone’s private chef marketplace that connects vetted chefs and busy families to cook 1-2 times a week in the family’s kitchen, starting at $100 per week. Our asset-light model is doing to commercial kitchens what Uber did to taxis and Airbnb did to hotels and we operate in an area free of restrictive regulation in a $2T market. We are available in California in LA, the Bay Area and the Sacramento areas, and plan to expand fast to other areas this year.

Reneta spent 13 years at SanDisk, WD, and Intel managing technology products, marketing, and business operations driving growing businesses from a few millions to billions of dollars in the semiconductor industry, mastering elasticity models, balancing supply/demand and leading product teams to focus on what matters the most. In her last role at Intel, she led AI/ML technology and product implementations on most of the laptops in the world. She developed expertise in leadership, execution as well as profitable business models, pricing, and monetization of opportunities, focusing on win-win strategies and with a deep social and environmental cause. She is passionate about conscious leadership and creating a meaningful impact in the world by improving wellbeing and health through reduced stress, healthy eating and strong community support, as well as creating new high paying jobs and reducing food and packaging waste.