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Experience Counts


I started Experience Counts, LLC to propel 20 years' experience in corporate HR and marketing roles into making work count for employees.

I’m obsessed with experience. I believe that every experience counts. Each day presents an opportunity to create moments that matter. Even simple, small gestures foster connections that inspire employees to do their best work.

I’m energized by real people. I see each employee as an individual with unique skills and strengths. When organizations and leaders make the effort to personalize their experience to best meet their needs, your employees and your business will thrive.

I’m dedicated to the future of work. I see past the traditional 9 to 5. COVID-19 caused many organizations to reevaluate work, down to when, how and where it happens. It also caused employees to take stock of what matters most in their lives. Many organizations are now reimagining the employee experience to best support their workforce and their business.

I’m all about family. I’m a wife, mom, daughter and friend. My husband and I have two teens (one boy and one girl), one seenager (my mom) and a Pomeranian poodle. Having my own company gives me the freedom and flexibility to be there for my family. I encourage my team to do the same.